Want Your Hogs Gone? Support for Landholders to Manage Feral Pigs

North Coast Local Land Services is promoting a new project funded by the NSW Government Bushfire Recovery Stimulus Program for landholders to help manage the impacts of feral pigs on biodiversity and farm production across the region.

Feral pigs are highly adaptive and are opportunistic feeders known to eat roots, edible plants, and small native species.  As they forage in the soil with their snout, they destroy native habitats, promote soil erosion, weed establishment, and contribute to contamination of sites and fouling of water sources.

Feral pigs can carry diseases such as leptospirosis and brucellosis, which can be spread to both livestock and humans with significant health implications. Having the ability to travel large distances, up to 5 km, in one-night feral pigs can cause intense damage to biodiversity and farm productivity.

Dean Chamberlain, Invasive Species Team Leader, said Landholders could make the most of assistance from Local Land Services including advice on specialised baiting techniques and the use of the product HOGGONE®, a control toxin target specific to feral pigs.

“North Coast Local Land Services will provide all materials, support, and training to landholders.  This program represents a significant cost advantage for landholders and an opportunity to take part in large-scale control of feral pigs”.  Dean said

If you would like to be involved in this program now is the time to act, with the hot, dry conditions across the region feral pigs will be limited by food and water providing optimum conditions for successful results.

For further information on pest management control activities you can call the Invasive Pest Team on 1300 795 299.


Media contact: Emily Findlay, Coordinator Communications & Engagement, North Coast Local Land Services, Phone 04192 21136

Photo Caption: With the hot, dry conditions across the region favouring feral pigs, now is the time to act to reduce numbers. Photo supplied.

Feral Pig

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