Video Case Studies

Take a look at these case studies on how North Coast LLS is helping NSW to Grow Protect Connect, securing the future of agriculture and the environment for NSW Communities.

Yellow Crazy Ant

North Coast LLS is working along side the North Coast community to eradicate Yellow Crazy Ants, a serious pest that threatens our landscapes. Your Local Land Services team is here when it matters on the ground with knowledge, networks and experience.

Wild dog video

LLS is working to educate the public on pest predators in the landscape, particularly wild dogs by working collaboratively with property owners to eradicate them from the area.  Your Local Land Services team is here to promote resilient communities in productive healthy landscapes

Jaliigirr Project

North Coast LLS is works with our communities to conserve and protect and valuable natural assets.  This Coffs Harbour hinterland is cared for and managed by an alliance of organisations with a shared goal of maintaining and improving native vegetation for the benefit of our wildlife and our communities.  Local Land Services programs and partnerships help grow farm productivity and healthy natural environments.

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