Beef cattle guide

The 6th Edition of our guide "Beef Cattle Health and Husbandry for the NSW North Coast" is now available! Updated November 2021 to include the most recent advice and information for beef cattle producers on the North Coast.

Local Land Services helps farmers and landowners in all aspects of their environment, livestock and land. Managing livestock can be difficult, which is why we offer help and advice on:

  • nutrition
  • animal health and husbandry issues
  • disease prevention
  • animal welfare
  • occupational health and safety.

Local Land Services also provides advice on:

  • pasture management and sustainable grazing systems for beef cattle
  • calf rearing
  • store fattening
  • cattle in farm forestry
  • cattle on forages and grain.

The North Coast Beef Health and Husbandry guide includes information for beef cattle livestock farmers. While this guide is regionally specific, it can be helpful for all beef livestock farmers across NSW.

If you have any questions or need support, please contact us.

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