NSW Government leaving feral pigs with nowhere to hide

Tara Moriarty
Minister for Agriculture
Minister for Regional New South Wales

The NSW Government’s feral pig control program has culled 33,277 feral pigs in just 4 months, making it one of the largest feral pig programs in the nation’s history.

Already 2,035 property owners have participated in the Government’s $13 million Feral Pig Program, working with Local Land Services to target pest populations.

Biosecurity is a central commitment of the NSW Government and adequately resourcing the Local Land Services team to get the job done properly has been a priority for the Minister for Agriculture Tara Moriarty.
Under the former National/Liberal Government it took three years to cull that many pigs, between 2016 to 2019.

Central to the program’s effort is the three priority control zones along western NSW where baiting, trapping and shooting, have been expanded and intensified.

Highlights of the NSW Feral Pig Program to date include:

  • 33,277 feral pigs culled
  • 4.69 million hectares protected through aerial and ground control efforts
  • 77,904 kg of free bait issued to landholders
  • 51 sessions with groups of landholders focused on feral pig management
  • Establishment of the state’s first Feral Pig Coordinator

A critical part of the feral pig program has been equipping farmers with the tools, education and support needed to get on top of the problem.

Local Land Services staff offer on the ground support in paddocks as well as at community and industry events. Farmers and land managers are being urged to continue to work with Local Land Services and their neighbours to focus on ongoing control efforts.

This should include a combination of methods such as baiting, trapping and shooting to ensure best results are achieved.

For more information visit Feral Pig Program 2023-2024 - Local Land Services (nsw.gov.au)

Agriculture Minister Tara Moriarty said:

“Our Government is taking action to address biosecurity problems with funding, plus establishing both the state’s first Biosecurity Commissioner, and first Feral Pig Coordinator.

“Farmer feedback on our $13 million NSW Government investment into the feral pig program has been positive and 2,035 farmers are involved in the program.

“We now have one of the largest coordinated feral pig control programs ever, supporting farmers on the ground to reduce the impacts of pest animals.

"Tackling the feral pig problem requires government and farmers to work side by side, and the Government is making sure this program is doing exactly that."

MEDIA: Alastair Walton | Minister Moriarty | 0418 251 229

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