$13 million Feral Pig Program delivering results

The NSW Government is on track to meet its target of culling 87,000 feral pigs through its $13 million Feral Pig Program.

Since October 2023, 69,343 feral pigs have been culled through the program, with 4,335 properties participating in aerial and ground control programs across NSW.

Minister for Agriculture Tara Moriarty saw these results firsthand today while visiting farmers near Orange who have been participating in the Feral Pig Program.

The Feral Pig Program is one element of the NSW Government’s comprehensive plan to boost biosecurity across NSW – which also includes:

  • working to recruit the state’s first independent Biosecurity Commissioner;
  • $95 million to protect against the spread of red imported fire ants;
  • $41 million to support the transition to mandatory sheep and goat electronic identification to improve biosecurity traceability;
  • a $10 million Good Neighbour Program to clamp down on pests and weeds on public land;
  • working with the Natural Resource Commission to develop a baseline report on damage from invasive species so that appropriate action can be taken to better protect NSW farmers; and
  • ongoing research and development projects across DPI’s state-wide network of research stations.

Deborah and Sam Kwa have had great success managing feral pigs on their Summer Hill Creek property, working with Local Land Services on trapping and removing significant numbers of feral pigs.

A key part of the program is upskilling farmers and giving them the tools and advice to effectively manage feral pigs now and into the future.

Over the past 7 months, Local Land Services staff have provided farmers with tailored feral pig management advice through 7,394 one on one consultations and delivered 64 skill building events and workshops.

In addition, over 129,600 kg of free bait has been provided to farmers across NSW to ensure multiple control methods are being used as part of best practice pest animal management.

For more information on the Feral Pig Program visit Feral Pig Program 2023-2024.

Agriculture Minister Tara Moriarty said:

“Our government is taking biosecurity and the feral pig problem seriously, so it’s great to see that our $13 million Feral Pig Program is delivering results.

“While numbers paint a picture of what activities have been carried out through the program, it’s great to hear how this program is having a positive impact at the local and individual farm level.

“Deborah and Sam are great examples of what can be achieved when farmers and government work together to tackle pest animals using an integrated approach to control.

“Here in the Central Tablelands, 3,630 feral pigs have been culled through aerial shoots and trapping programs with 288 properties participating.

“Local Land Services has also delivered 13 local events to upskill farmers and provided best practice advice through 362 one on one consultations.”

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