Sealing of South Coast road benefits local river environment

The marine life in the Shoalhaven and Crookhaven waterways is benefiting from recent works carried out to seal the remaining unsealed section of Mayfield Road at Pyree.

The works have seen 1.6 kilometre of Mayfield Road, which follows the southern bank of the Crookhaven Creek, sealed, greatly reducing silt and sediment from entering the local waterways.

Prior to the works, Mayfield Road required regular maintenance and contributed a significant amount of fine materials to the tidal creek which impacted on water quality.

Shoalhaven City Council, thanks to funding from the NSW Government’s Marine Estate Management Strategy (MEMS), undertook to seal the unsealed section of the road and install silt barriers along the road verge to filter road run off.

The works come on the back of recent activities which have included the sealing of boat ramp areas at Myola, Broughton Creek, Swan Lake and Berringer Lake.

Angela Riepsamen, Treasurer of the Shoalhaven Crookhaven Shellfish Quality Assurance Program, believes the completed works will be of great benefit to the river environment.

“Sealing Mayfield Road represents a significant and necessary measure to improve the health of the Crookhaven River Floodplain,” Angela said.

“This road sealing will reduce sedimentation impact on oysters and ultimately improve the whole river environment.

“The positive impact extends beyond oyster farming, benefiting recreational and commercial fishing, river enthusiasts, and the entire community.”

Leanna Moerkerken from South East Local Land Services coordinates the regions MEMS programs and is pleased with the outcome from the works.

“By sealing dirt roads, we see immediate reductions of silt and sediment entering local waterways. This allows the river environment to thrive which benefits all who rely on healthy rivers,” Leanna said.

“There is still a significant amount of work to be done to reduce the large volumes of sediment and nutrients entering our waterways.

“We will continue to work with and assist land managers to complete sediment and nutrient reduction works along coastal rivers and streams.”

Before and after of Mayfield road, with before image of dirt road, and after image of sealed road

Image: 'Before'  - Mayfield Road before sealing with sediment flowing directly into the tidal Crookhaven, 'After' -  Mayfield Road after seal with sediment controlled and silt barriers to filter road run off.

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