Yaegl Wadyarr Gargle Land and Sea Contractors learning pest control on Birrigan Gargle LALC land

Recently, North Coast Local Land Services hosted nine rangers from the Yaegl Wadyarr Gargle Land and Sea Contractors who attended Pest Animal Control Training designed to increase their capacity to undertake feral animal control.

The Rangers completed Vertebrate Pest Induction training, which trains participants in the use of chemical products 1080, Pindone, RHDV or PAPP baits for approved use in New South Wales.

Dr Sophie Pryor, Land Services Officer said of the in-class training, “The training provided the Rangers with an opportunity to learn about major pests in the region, signs, impacts, monitoring and control techniques.

“We then followed up with practical training including trapping and baiting equipment uses.”

Following the in-class training, the group visited a feral pig control site on Birrigan Gargle Local Aboriginal Land Council’s Land in Iluka.

Sophie continued, “Pig rooting (digging for food using their snout) has caused substantial damage in this culturally important area, and in the nearby, highly biodiverse rainforest within the Bundjalung National Park.

“Being able to compare new and old areas of damage is important to understand how recently a pig has visited the area, which is critical to determine if an area is worth monitoring for ongoing control.”

Tye Eamens Gardner, the Yaegl Wadyarr Gargle Land and Sea Contractors Team Leader, said “The pig trapping course was very interesting and the crew had a good time learning and hope to do more in the future.

“The Yaegl Wadyarr Gargle Land and Sea Contractors do bush regeneration work throughout the Clarence Valley and with the additional training, will be able to offer pest management as a service.”

Local Land Services is currently delivering the 2023-2024 $13 million Feral Pig Program on behalf of the NSW Government in response to widespread growth in the number of feral pigs across NSW.

The program aims to reduce feral pig populations and their impact across the state through increased coordinated support and broadscale control programs, using the latest technologies.

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