Free stock water and feed testing for Central West livestock producers

With dry conditions across the region, Central West Local Land Services is offering free stock water and feed testing to livestock producers.

Central West Local Land Services board chair Susan Madden says that now is the time for producers to look ahead and focus on preparing for dry times.

“Given the forecast for a dry summer, it is critical farmers assess their current situation and ensure their property is drought ready” Ms Madden said.

“Through this free testing program, livestock producers can test their available feed and supplementary feedstuffs including pasture, hay, silage, grain or concentrates and make sure they’re able to meet the nutritional needs of their livestock.

“Similarly, testing stock water will enable producers to prepare for water quality and quantity considerations over the coming months.”

Livestock producers can receive 2 free feed test kits and 2 free stock water test kits per PIC (property identification code) from any Central West Local Land Services office or by calling 1300 795 299.

Local Land Services staff are available to offer hands-on support with current, localised information and advice on preparing for drought.

Ms Madden said that it’s important producers adopt sound management and financial plans, review these regularly, make firm decisions, act early and quickly in order to put themselves in the best position to manage drought.

“Using available support tools to plan ahead will help set primary producers up to better manage when things get tough.

“Central West staff will be running training and advisory events for producers in the coming months, covering things like containment feeding areas, livestock assessment, and PROGRAZE courses.

“We strongly encourage Central West farmers to get in touch with our team and sign up to our monthly newsletter to stay up to date with upcoming opportunities.”

Landholders can also visit our drought pages for a range of drought preparedness guides and resources.

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