LLS commits $60K to help land managers target feral pigs

Central West Local Land Services has committed $60,000 towards the treatment of feral pig grain to encourage landholders to run baiting programs and reduce feral pig numbers before sowing gets underway.

The agency is eager to assist landholders to tackle the feral pest by funding the cost of 1080 grain treatment enabling more people to control feral pigs now and before feral pig numbers increase even further.

Central West Local Land Services Invasive Species Team Leader Nigel Boyce said with the change of season 18 months ago, pigs have had exceptional conditions to increase in numbers while staying well hidden.

“During harvest landholders may have noticed crop damage from feral pigs but may not have seen the pigs,” Mr Boyce said.

“Pigs are quite good at finding areas to camp that are well hidden, and, with more feed around this can make them even harder to see.”

As part of baiting, free feeding of pigs and monitoring with cameras will enable landholders to get an indication of how many pigs are on their property and in turn the potential for crop damage, Mr Boyce said.

“Now is the time to remove feral pigs prior to sowing and while they gather around watering points during hot weather.”

Baiting of feral pigs is the primary control method and when done correctly has the potential to eliminate the majority of the local population, Mr Boyce said.

“When controlling feral pigs, the aim is to take out more than 70 percent of the pigs to have an impact on that local population.

“Ideally this means follow-up baiting and ongoing control activities to maintain pig numbers at a controllable level.

“We encourage landholders to make use of this funded grain treatment to control their pigs before the funds run out.”

Contact your local Biosecurity Officer to seek advice on targeting feral pigs on your property by calling Central West Local Land Services on 1300 795 299.

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