Protect lambs with Spring baiting

Central West Local Land Services is reminding landholders they can continue to access baits and advice to assist with managing foxes and pigs over Spring.

There are six groups with around 70 landholders who take part in group baiting across Tomingley, Dandaloo, Warren and Narromine and local biosecurity officer Will Thorncraft said he was keen for more producers to get involved.

“Pigs and foxes are the main pests that all landholders in these areas should be targeting this Spring and Summer,” Mr Thorncraft said.

“These pests have had two perfect seasons for reproduction with large amounts of food and cover around.”

Recent camera surveillance in the area had shown both fox and pig numbers are being underestimated, Mr Thorncraft said.

“One newly formed group in the north Narromine area got together last month and conducted a co-ordinated baiting operation.

“Four landholders were able to successfully manage around 80 pigs which were all in very exposed areas that wouldn’t normally harbour pigs.

“This to us is a sign numbers have expanded so much that pigs are now moving into new territories due to overpopulated areas.

“These pigs were also next to cropping paddocks which left unchecked would have done a considerable amount of damage coming into harvest.”

Coordinated baiting with adjoining landholders has proven to be the most effective way to reduce pest population size, Mr Thorncraft said.

“For ultimate asset protection of your lambs, landholders should consider two yearly co-ordinated baits and then three rounds of baiting prior to lambing, usually one month prior to first drop, then two weeks prior and then the week of lambing.

“We encourage landholders to try and target 60 baits per 1000 acres if possible. Fresh meat baits are only 60 cents each.”

Mr Thorncraft has developed three videos with tips and tricks for trapping and baiting feral pigs which can be accessed free on YouTube:

The first video has been watched more than 18,000 times.

Landholders interested in managing pest animals on their property and joining a group can contact Central West Local Land Services on 1300 795 299.

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