Biocontrol of Hudson pear using cochineal

This series of videos focuses on the best practice around the integrated management of Hudson pear, including how to incorporate the use of the new biological control agent into your management program to optimize long-term results. It’s important to remember that the management of this highly invasive cactus species is a shared responsibility for the whole community across New South Wales, and Australia wide.

What is Hudson pear?

What is cochineal and how does it work?

Don Mackenzie Weed Biocontrol Facility

Collecting cladodes

Storing and transporting cladodes

Releasing infected cladodes: Hurry up and wait!

GPS use and mapping

Control methods

Stop the spread hygiene

Program and conclusion

This information was developed through the releasing the hounds on Hudson pear program – a community-focussed integrated biological control management program. This work is a collaboration between NSW Department of Primary Industries, North West Local Land Services and Northern Slopes Landcare Association, funded through the NSW Government’s Office for Environment and Heritage.

Logos for NSW Government, Castlereagh Macquarie County Council and Northern Slopes Landcare

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