Westwood is a cattle grazing property located 60 kilometres east of Guyra on the NSW Northern Tablelands.

Historically, the land has been used for cattle and sheep grazing on improved and native pasture, and some rotational farming activities to support grazing. There is also evidence of logging.

Westwood is one of four properties run by Richard Ogilvie, with his wife and two sons, in a company that includes the Te Angie Hereford stud with 600 breeding cows, 1500 trade cattle and sheep.

"This work is about making the enterprise more profitable and economic. I’ve got two sons coming back onto the land and I have to divide the farm. It is not fair if one half is viable and the other is not. These works are going to increase our native biodiversity while still allowing us enough land to graze cattle and maintain our viability."

- Richard Ogilvie, owner, ‘Westwood’

Read the full Westwood case study here (PDF).

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