Tocal College

Tocal College, based in the NSW Hunter Valley, operates as an accredited agricultural college model farm, running workshops and field days showing dairy innovations.

A new pivot irrigation system at Tocal College has replaced 37 hectares of bike shift irrigation which has led to improved pasture growth, water and energy efficiency, and better safety and working conditions for staff and students.

For this to take place, approval to clear paddock trees was provided under the equity code in the new land management (native vegetation) code. This enabled the removal of certain native vegetation from small areas in exchange for set-aside areas.

“This system has been much more flexible for us; it’s allowed us to do what we think is best for our farm business. With help and advice from Local Land Services, it’s been a really easy system to work with.”

- Darren Bayley, Principal, Tocal College

Read the full Tocal College case study here (PDF).

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