Junjira is one of the properties in the Capertee Valley that is part of a project to increase the area of habitat for the critically endagered Regent honeyeater.

Over 250 hectares of habitat has been established through revegatation efforts. However the trees were planted a little too densely and thrived so much that they were outcompeting each other for moisture, nutrients and light and the canopy needed to be thinned to encourage a more natural woodland.

The thinning was done under conditions outlined in a certificate under the Land Management Code to ensure there was not over or under thinning.

The Capertee Valley has about 240 species of birds and about ten percent of them unfortunately are endangered or threatened. In conjunction with BirdLife Australia and Local Land Services, we’re working hard to improve the environment and the biodiversity to get some of those birds back, particularly the Regent honeyeater.

- Ross Halfacree, Owner, Junjira

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