District vet contact details

Need to contact your Local Land Services District Veterinarian? Your District Veterinarian is a valuable resource for local and independent advice on biosecurity and animal health issues. They can investigate herd and flock problems to help maintain a productive and secure local livestock industry.

Their work helps protect the NSW economy, environment and community, and meet national and state standards and outcomes.

Our vets are often out on farm so if you cannot reach your local vet and need to report a suspect emergency animal disease, please call:

  • Local Land Services (1300 795 299)
  • the Emergency Animal Disease Hotline (1800 675 888).

Look up your District Veterinarian

Central Tablelands District Veterinarian

Central West District Veterinarian

Greater Sydney District Veterinarian

Hunter District Veterinarian

Murray District Veterinarian

North Coast District Veterinarian

North West District Veterinarian

Northern Tablelands District Veterinarian

Riverina District Veterinarian

South East District Veterinarian

Western District Veterinarian

Statewide - Emily Stearman, State Veterinarian (0437 644 714).

Central Tablelands district vets

NameLocationContact NumbersEmail AddressPositionWork days
Lucienne Downs Orange0417 043 966lucienne.downs@lls.nsw.gov.auTeam Leader - Animal Health, Biosecurity and WelfareMon - Thurs
Bruce WattBathurst0428 935 559bruce.watt@lls.nsw.gov.auDistrict VeterinarianMon-Fri
Emilee JohnstoneCowra0419 334 077emilee.johnstone@lls.nsw.gov.auDistrict VeterinarianMon - Wed
Jessica BourkeMudgee0417 803 685jess.bourke@lls.nsw.gov.auDistrict VeterinarianMon - Fri
Evie DugganCowra0427 147 939evie.duggan@lls.nsw.gov.auDistrict VeterinarianWed - Fri
Amy MastersOrange0428 710 002amy.masters@lls.nsw.gov.auDistrict VeterinarianMon - Fri

Central West district vets

NameLocationContact NumbersEmail AddressPositionWork days
Angela WarrianForbes0447 025 940 angela.warrian@lls.nsw.gov.auTeam Leader Animal Biosecurity & WelfareMon - Fri
Nik Cronin Forbes0429 499 284nik.cronin@lls.nsw.gov.auDistrict VeterinarianMon - Thur
Danielle PlummerNyngan0438 842 365danielle.plummer@lls.nsw.gov.auDistrict VeterinarianMon - Fri
Benn BryantDubbo0428 270 802benn.bryant@lls.nsw.gov.auDistrict VeterinarianMon - Fri
Kate AtkinsonCoonabarabran
0407 716 816kate.atkinson@lls.nsw.gov.auDistrict VeterinarianMon- Wed
Jayne Dwyer Dubbo0428 334 459jayne.dwyer@lls.nsw.gov.auDistrict VeterinarianMon - Fri
Alicia MosesGrenfell0428 521 699alicia.moses@lls.nsw.gov.auDistrict VeterinarianMon - Fri

Greater Sydney district vets

NameLocationContact NumbersEmail AddressPositionWork days
Lisa GoodchildCentral Coast/Hawkesbury0427 559 656lisa.goodchild@lls.nsw.gov.auDistrict VeterinarianMon - Fri
Azizul ChowdhuryPenrith0427 284 797azizul.chowdhury@lls.nsw.gov.auDistrict VeterinarianMon - Fri

Hunter district vets

NameLocationContact NumbersEmail AddressPositionWork days
Jim KerrPaterson0439 185 275jim.kerr@lls.nsw.gov.auTeam Leader, Animal Biosecurity and WelfareMon - Fri
Lyndell StoneWingham0429 532 855lyndell.stone@lls.nsw.gov.auDistrict VeterinarianMon - Fri
Kylie GreentreeMaitland0428 498 687kylie.greentree@lls.nsw.gov.auDistrict VeterinarianMon, Tue, Wed, Fri
Kristi ArnotSingleton0409 758 823kristi.arnot@lls.nsw.gov.auDistrict VeterinarianMon, Tues, Fri
Leanne PolsenScone0427 322 311leanne.t.polsen@lls.nsw.gov.auDistrict VeterinarianMon - Fri

Murray district vets

NameLocationContact NumbersEmail AddressPositionWork days
Linda SearleDeniliquin0427 629 740linda.searle@lls.nsw.gov.auDistrict VeterinarianMon - Fri
Katelyn BraineDeniliquin0499 339 018katelyn.braine@lls.nsw.gov.auDistrict VeterinarianMon - Fri

North Coast district vets

NameLocationContact NumbersEmail AddressPositionWork days
Ian PoeKempsey0429 987 255ian.poe@lls.nsw.gov.auTeam Leader Animal HealthMon - Fri
Jocelyn ToddDorrigo 0427 458 592jocelyn.todd@lls.nsw.gov.auDistrict VeterinarianMon - Fri
Phil KemsleyLismore0427 896 822phil.kemsley@lls.nsw.gov.au District VeterinarianMon - Fri
Phil Carter Casino0412 303 907phillip.d.carter@lls.nsw.gov.auDistrict VeterinarianMon - Fri

North West district vets

NameLocationContact NumbersEmail AddressPositionWork Days
Bob McKinnonTamworth0428 667 920bob.mckinnon@lls.nsw.gov.auTeam Leader, Animal Biosecurity & WelfareMon - Fri
Judy EllemGunnedah
0428 402 482judy.ellem@lls.nsw.gov.auDistrict VeterinarianMon, Tues, Thurs, Fri
Ted IrwinWarialda0427 291 682ted.irwin@lls.nsw.gov.auDistrict VeterinarianMon - Fri
Justine McNallyMoree0428 299 133justine.mcnally@lls.nsw.gov.auDistrict VeterinarianMon, Wed, Thurs
Heidi AustinTamworth0427 529 548heidi.austin@lls.nsw.gov.auDistrict VeterinarianMon, Tues, Wed, Thurs
Megan DaviesNarrabri0428 710 381megan.davies@lls.nsw.gov.auDistrict VeterinarianTues, Wed, Thurs
Shaun SlatteryWalgett/
0428 922 607shaun.slattery@lls.nsw.gov.auDistrict VeterinarianMon - Fri

Northern Tablelands district vets

NameLocationContact NumbersEmail AddressPositionWork days
Andrew BiddleInverell0427 825 725andrew.biddle@lls.nsw.gov.auTeam Leader, Animal Biosecurity & WelfareMon - Fri
Meg ParsonsGlen Innes meg.parsons@lls.nsw.gov.auDistrict VeterinarianMon, Tues, Thurs, Fri
Lisa MartinTenterfield0428 623 471lisa.martin@lls.nsw.gov.auDistrict VeterinarianMon - Fri
Kate BurrenGlen Innes0417 676 326kate.burren@lls.nsw.gov.auDistrict VeterinarianWed, Thurs
Emma DavisArmidale0491 828 479emma.davis@lls.nsw.gov.auDistrict VeterinarianMon - Fri

Riverina district vets

NameLocationContact NumbersEmail AddressPositionWork days
Elizabeth FergusonGundagai0439 557 567elizabeth.ferguson@lls.nsw.gov.auTeam Leader Animal Biosecurity & WelfareMon - Fri
Georgia GrimmondGriffith0427 418 006georgia.grimmond@lls.nsw.gov.auDistrict VeterinarianMon - Fri
Jess DaltonGriffith0427 696 895jess.dalton@lls.nsw.gov.auDistrict VeterinarianTues, Wed
Dione HowardWagga0428 115 134dione.howard@lls.nsw.gov.auDistrict VeterinarianMon - Fri
Ash HalliganWagga0467 953 524Ash.halligan@lls.nsw.gov.auGraduate District VeterinarianMon - Fri
Kristy StoneGundagai0428 262 112kristy.stone@lls.nsw.gov.auDistrict VeterinarianTues, Wed, Thurs
Bianca GarnhamTemora0455 489 296bianca.garnham@lls.nsw.gov.auDistrict VeterinarianMon, Wed
Victoria BuckTemora0457 332 736victoria.buck@lls.nsw.gov.auDistrict VeterinarianThurs - Fri
Kelsey SibleyYoung0499 546 389kelsey.sibley@lls.nsw.gov.auDistrict VeterinarianMon - Fri

South East district vets

NameLocationContact NumbersEmail AddressPositionWork days
Lou BaskindBraidwood0427 422 530lou.baskind@lls.nsw.gov.auDistrict Veterinarian Functional LeadMon - Fri
Mark DoyleBega‭0417 296 739‬mark.doyle@lls.nsw.gov.auDistrict VeterinarianMon - Fri
Evelyn WalkerBerry0429 100 345evelyn.walker@lls.nsw.gov.auDistrict VeterinarianMon - Fri
Alex StephensYass0407 489 571alexandra.stephens@lls.nsw.gov.auDistrict VeterinarianMon - Fri
Peter RolfeYass0436 605 513peter.rolfe@lls.nsw.gov.auDistrict VeterinarianThurs, Fri
Nicki BrownBraidwood0473 944 135nicki.brown@lls.nsw.gov.auDistrict VeterinarianMon - Fri

Western district vets

NameLocationContact NumbersEmail AddressPositionWork days
Sophie HemleyIvanhoe0437 822 012sophie.hemley@lls.nsw.gov.auDistrict VeterinarianMaternity leave
Zi Yi LimBroken Hill0417 496 541zi.lim@lls.nsw.gov.auDistrict VeterinarianMon-Fri
Trent McCarthyBuronga0437 981 312trent.mccarthy@lls.nsw.gov.auDistrict VeterinarianMon-Fri

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