Partnerships Supporting Innovation in Agriculture in the Richmond Catchment

Over the past three years, North Coast Local Land Services has been working to deliver a project in the Upper Richmond with Conservation Volunteers Australia, Border Ranges and Richmond Valley Landcare Network, NSW Soil Conservation Service, Subtropical Dairy, and Local Farmers and Landholders. North Coast Local Land Services supports this project through funding from the Australian Government's Regional Landcare Partnerships program.

The project identified sites within the Upper Richmond River and Roseberry creek that needed stabilisation to prevent further stream bed and bank erosion. Priority was given based on the likelihood of erosion causing significant problems for river health.

Actions of the project since 2018 include construction of custom-built structures to stabilise and contain the erosion at each site, weeding the riverbank area, and revegetating with plant species to enhance the riparian vegetation's resilience and further stabilise the area. The sites are fenced off to exclude livestock and have had alternative water sources installed (such as water troughs).

The instream structures and riparian works held up well through the high rainfall event in March, proving they are functioning as they are designed to stabilise and contain the river banks and prevent further damage.

The project is already showing great results and still has another two years to go. Brendan O'Brien leads the project and attributes the project's success to a terrific collaboration between the landowners in the area and the organisations involved in the project.

The project is ensuring the Upper Richmond River and Roseberry Creek have better water quality into the future.

For more information about the two long-term Richmond River recovery project, please contact Brendan O'Brien, Tel: 6563 6709.

Photo: NSW Soil Conservation Service undertaking in stream engineering works.

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