Port to Plateau Alliance

North Coast Local Land Services continues to facilitate a diverse stakeholder Alliance for culturally grounded biodiversity conservation outcomes in the Hastings and Macleay catchments.

These catchments are a gap in the Great Eastern Ranges Initiative (GER) - a native habitat corridor initiative connecting Victoria to Northern Queensland. Now North Coast Local Land Services is proud to engage Great Eastern Ranges services for experienced stakeholder coordination and development of the ‘local’ Alliance.

The Alliance is in a development phase with planning meetings only able to occur online. Some promising local activity has been initiated by the Thunggutti Local Aboriginal Land Council, the Hastings Birdwatchers, and Macleay Valley Landcare joining to undertake bird surveys and native revegetation around Bellbrook.

This is an example of Alliance activity that North Coast Local Land Services is working to promote.

Thunggutti Stakeholders

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