Groundcover Assessment for Warm Months

What is groundcover?

The term native groundcover includes various types of non-woody (herbaceous) vegetation. Native groundcover is most often dominated by native grasses. In some areas such as native grasslands, the native groundcover grows on its own with no associated woody vegetation. In other areas, such as grassy woodlands, it grows as the ground layer accompanied by native trees and shrubs.

Are you a farmer planning to install new cultivation in historic pasture areas?

The warm months are when groundcover species are most identifiable. This is the only time permitted for pasture assessment to determine rules for the intensification of pasture areas.

Would you like to find out about land management rules or tips that could be considered?

North Coast Local Land Services Land Management staff offer tailored services for groundcover assessment and advice (and everything else land management), currently at no cost.

Want to know more? We’re here to help

North Coast Local Land Services has a fact sheet that provides guidance to landholders about how they can self-assess the conservation value of native grasslands and other native groundcover on their own property.

You can view this fact sheet here Assessing-native-groundcover.pdf (

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