Eastern Bristlebird in the Border Ranges

Eastern Bristlebird habitat is being restored in the Border Ranges through conventional land management (weeding, seeding, and vegetation thinning) and traditional Aboriginal cultural practices, including fire.

This program, delivered in conjunction with the NSW Saving our Species program, is a partnership between North Coast Local Land Services, ecologists, landholders, Landcare, DPIE NPWS, and traditional owners.

The focus of landscape restoration is to prevent habitat loss from invasion and over-competition by taller plants and instead support grassy groundcovers, which native animals like the Bristlebird use for feeding and nesting. In addition, native grass enhancement activities will improve the survival and strengthen the management efforts for these birds through community partnership until 2023.

North Coast Local Land Services support this project through funding support from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program and the NSW Government’s Saving our Species (SOS) program.

Watch our new video created with project partners that features this work

Restoring endangered Eastern Bristlebird habitat by managing for grassy understorey


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