Landholders ahead of schedule in delivering major exclusion fencing program

Landholders in the state’s Far West are reporting immediate improvements to their primary production, biosecurity and biodiversity following the installation of exclusion fencing.

With 9 projects that will deliver 376 km of exclusion fencing and 331,170 hectares of property enclosed once completed, there is much optimism from the participating landholders and stakeholders more broadly, following the positive outcomes that are already occurring.

To the end of April, approximately 250 km of the 376 km of fence line has been constructed.

Landholders who are currently delivering their exclusion fencing projects are reporting an increase in native flora and fauna on their properties, including Nick Mannion, Lake Wallace Station, who is constructing 60 km of exclusion fencing through his project.

“It’s been very pleasing to see the positive changes come about to our paddocks that are now enclosed behind our exclusion fencing,” Nick said.

“We’ve noticed an increase in our groundcover as we now have greater control over unmanaged grazing pressure from pest animals like feral pigs and native animals like kangaroos and wallabies.

“We are really pleased to see an increase in the abundance of wildlife and birdlife on our property through monitoring cameras we’ve installed as part of the project, particularly in areas where they aren’t known to frequent.

“Getting the balance right between increasing our primary production while also improving biodiversity and the local environment is something we are passionate about.”

Another landholder who had installed a monitoring camera as part of his project recorded two wild dogs on his property. Both wild dogs have since been controlled by the landholder.

The exclusion fencing projects will also be a valuable tool in the preparation for a potential emergency animal disease outbreak such as foot-and-mouth or lumpy skin disease.

The Fencing Biosecure Production Zones and Pest Knockout Grant Program is being delivered by Local Land Services through funding from the NSW Government.

Visit the Fencing Biosecure Production Zones and Pest Knockout Grant Program webpage to find out more.

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