New Local Land Services board chairs and members announced and LLS review released

The NSW Government has today announced the new ministerial appointments to the State’s 11 Local Land Services (LLS) regional boards.

Of the 24 appointments, some have been re-appointed for a further and final term while others will be joining LLS for the first time.

During an extensive statewide recruitment process, 157 applications were received to join LLS regional boards across NSW.

This is in line with the 161 applications received in 2022 and clearly indicates local people continue to maintain enthusiasm to be part of LLS activities.

LLS boards are a made up of a mix of Ministerially appointed and elected board members who bring a wealth of skills, experience and commitment to the organisation.

LLS board members work closely with landholders and local communities to identify and help shape the services offered by LLS, such as providing best practice advice on pest animal management, agricultural production and natural resource management.

The Government also today released the review of the LLS boards and committees.

The review, requested by Minister for Agriculture Tara Moriarty, recognised LLS as a high performing organisation which is regionally relevant, provides tailored services to meet local needs, attracts a high level of trust and can achieve on ground outcomes without coercion.

The review provided several options for reform ranging from maintaining the status quo to a major overhaul of the LLS board and governance structure.

Minister Moriarty carefully considered the findings and opted for refinements that involve minimal disruption to the Local Land Services structure, while strengthening agency governance.

Options for reform being actioned include:

  • Retaining the LLS Board comprising of regional representatives and an independent chair as the agency’s primary governance
  • Remunerating board members in line with similar groups and boards across government, resulting in $1.4 million in savings that will be reinvested into LLS
  • Creating one governance structure where local boards become subcommittees of the LLS Board, simplifying compliance and reducing costs
  • Retaining the existing LLS election process to ensure ratepayers have a say on who represents their region.

Other options outlined in the review that were not supported included reducing the number of LLS regions and replacing all regional boards with a single representative.

Download and read the full review PDF, 1460.05 KB.

Minister for Agriculture Tara Moriarty said:

“Local Land Services regional boards play a key role in connecting the organisation to landholders and communities across NSW.

As the agency reaches its 10th year of operation, this was a timely review to understand whether the existing structure of its boards and committees are appropriate for the functions they perform.

While there were a wide range of options outlined in this review, I have opted for practical and common-sense refinements to ensure LLS is set up for success.

Importantly, we are already actioning the supported recommendations that will improve the way LLS operates so it can continue to deliver its valued services for farmers and landholders.

I will be writing to the new LLS Chair, once they’re appointed, to ensure these recommendations continue to progress and be implemented.

Local Land Services board members appointed by the Minister are:

  • Donna Rygate – Central Tablelands local board chair
  • Rachel Nicoll – Central Tablelands local board member
  • Hunter White – Central Tablelands local board member
  • Paul (Midnight) Brydon- Central West local board chair
  • Lisa Schiff - Central West local board member
  • Polly Bennett – Greater Sydney local board chair
  • James Kellaway - Greater Sydney local board member
  • Allison Mudford – Hunter local board chair
  • Dr Elizabeth McEntyre – Hunter local board member
  • Brynnie Goodwill - Hunter local board member
  • Derek Schoen- Murray local board chair
  • Jolyon Bennett – North Coast local board chair
  • Danielle Mulholland - North Coast local board member
  • Dr Alex Ball – Northern Tablelands local board chair
  • Martha Saw - Northern Tablelands local board member
  • Stephanie Cameron - North West local board chair
  • Tim White - North West local board member
  • Lisa Anderson – Riverina local board chair
  • Sarah Roche - Riverina local board member
  • Michael Friend - Riverina local board member
  • Ian Johnsson – South East local board member
  • Magnus Aitken – Western local board chair
  • Hugh McLean – Western local board member
  • Lawrence Clarke – Western local board member.

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