Silage webinar series

With recent rain across much of NSW, warm temperatures and generally low stock numbers, some producers have excess feed, particularly if they have sown grazing crops.

Silage may be an option for producers who have excess feed. This webinar series will take you through the steps of forage quality and decision making, mowing and wilting, harvesting and storage and feeding out and feed testing.

These webinars are provided free of charge by Local Land Services to livestock producers.

They are led by NSW Department of Primary Industries Livestock Research officer, John Piltz.

He is based at the Wagga Wagga Agricultural Institute where he conducts research of relevance to livestock nutrition and forage conservation and is co-author of the ‘Successful Silage’ manual.

Each of the webinars is a stand-alone session but are designed to be run in a consecutive series.

You can now catch up on all of the webinars on our YouTube channel in a playlist here or you can watch them individually

Webinar 1: Forage quality and how it impacts silage quality and livestock production here.

Webinar 2: Mowing and Wilting here.

Webinar 3: Harvesting and storage here.

Webinar 4: Feeding out and feed testing here.

Can I get more information?

Read this article by one of our mixed farming officers which provides an overview of silage and making it.

View the media release about the webinar series here.

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