Grain storage webinars

Silo with aeration fan and sealable for fumigation. Credit Ben Taylor, Condamine

With many grain producers across NSW looking at an early and possibly bumper crop this spring, Local Land Services held two free webinars addressing on-farm storage options.

You can catch up on both these webinars on our YouTube channel here.

These provided direct access to two experts on types of on-farm grain storage – temporary and permanent.

Temporary options include grain bunkers, silo bags, and grain pits while permanent storage involves structures such as silos and sheds.

Philip Burrill from Department of Agriculture and Fisheries Queensland spoke on topics including silo and grain hygiene, grain shed fumigation and preparation before storage.

NSW Department of Primary Industries Grains Biosecurity Officer, Bill Gordon, advised on management during harvest to minimise risks of weeds, pests and diseases in stored grain.

Image of flyer for grain storage webinars

This webinar series was proudly brought to you by the statewide Ag advisory team from Local Land Services.

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