Seasonal update events for farmers across the north coast

The North Coast Local Land Services team will be out in force over the coming weeks providing critical seasonal updates to farmers across the North Coast region.

Local Land Services is encouraging all farmers to attend an event in their local area to hear expert advice and network with those who are also managing farms in their region.

Louise Orr, General Manager for North Coast Local Land Services said “Decisions in seasonally dry and drought-affected times are often made on an emotional rather than a logical basis.

“It’s important for farmers to make objective decisions and seek skilled help when it’s needed and one of the best ways to access that skilled help is by attending one of our seasonal update events.”

The Seasonal Update events will cover pasture management, livestock feed and nutrition requirements, and animal health and welfare. Local Land Services staff are also available to offer hands-on support with current, localised information and advice on how to manage through drought. This includes:

  • Livestock Officers who can provide technical advice on feeding and nutrition
  • Horticultural Officers offering expert help to the horticultural industry
  • District Veterinarians who help farmers with advice on livestock health and welfare
  • Biosecurity Officers who can help farmers control pest animals

Louise continued, “We also acknowledge that farmers in the region have endured bushfire, flood, pandemic and now drought in a short timeframe and that this can be a tough mental challenge to get through.

“We’re pleased that we will have representatives from a number of other support agencies who can also provide help and advice on a range of support services and also mental health support.”

There are Seasonal Update events scheduled across the region and more details are available on:

Local Land Services website,


Or by calling on 1300 795 299 to be connected to your local office.

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