Keep an eye out for Frogbit weed in the Murray

Residents in the Murray region are being asked to keep an eye out for the invasive weed known as Frogbit.

Frogbit (Limnobium laevigatum) is a floating water weed with small, round glossy leaves, which grows very quickly, forming dense mats over water bodies.

While frogbit is a prohibited matter in NSW under the Biosecurity Act 2015, it is allowed for sale in Victoria and was being given away at a shop in Echuca over the weekend.

With the close proximity to NSW and the Murray region, residents are being reminded that this species is a danger to our waterways.

This weed is highly invasive, can potentially clog waterways, killing native fish and plants.

Frogbit forms large dense mats across the water's surface, blocking waterways and irrigation channels, it can limit recreational activities such as fishing, swimming or boating and has a high potential to be spread by flooding.

Murray Local Land Services Regional Weeds Coordinator, Michael Tweedie said if you have frogbit or know someone who does, please report it to the NSW DPI Biosecurity Helpline 1800 680 244 so it can be disposed of safely.

“Frogbit has the potential to damage agriculture and the environment within the Murray region,” said Mr Tweedie.

“While it is popular to use in fish tanks and ponds, it is a prohibited weed in NSW and must not be sold, traded or be in your possession.”

To find out more about frogbit or to report a sighting, please visit

green frogbit weed in waterway

Pictured: Frogbit weed in a waterway, courtesy of NSW DPI - Weed Wise

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