Stay safe around travelling livestock

Central West Local Land Services is reminding drivers to slow down when approaching livestock that are travelling and grazing along public roads.

With the drying conditions across the region, more livestock are on public roadsides moving to travelling stock reserves or between properties, with both drovers and drivers having a responsibility when it comes to keeping our roads safe.

Brian Bonello, Team Leader Travelling Stock Reserves, said it is important drivers obey the warning signs and the conditions to avoid an unnecessary accident.

“Drovers with the correct permit have the right to move livestock on public roads and are required to display signs so motorists are warned of the upcoming hazard,” said Mr Bonello.

“These warning signs are put up for a reason, to let drivers know they need to slow down.

“Livestock can be unpredictable, particularly when being moved on unfamiliar territory, so when you see stock moving signs, be aware, reduce your speed, stay alert and brake safely.

“The last thing we want to see is an accident involving a drover, livestock or their working dogs that could have been avoided had a driver taken the care needed when driving past livestock,” he added.

Drivers who fail to give way to livestock travelling along public roads and travelling stock routes may face significant fines.

Under legislation, ‘the driver of a mechanically powered vehicle must give way to stock and to all other animals and any vehicle accompanying stock in a stock zone.’

Prior to moving livestock along public roads, drovers are required to gain a permit from Local Land Services.

When stock are grazing or moving near or on a road, drovers must display approved black and yellow warning signs.

In one of these stock zones, drivers must give way to stock and all other animals and any vehicle accompanying the stock.

The owner or person in charge of the stock on the public road must ensure, as far as practicable, that the stock do not pose a hazard to any person, animal or vehicle on the road.

Stock warning signs are available from your nearest Local Land Services office. For more information, call 1300 795 299.

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