Small Farms

When you are on small farm or lifestyle block, you play an important role in looking after the landscape puzzle. To ensure large scale improvements in landscape management and environmental values, every bit counts, small and large farms alike.

Local Land Services is here to ensure small farmers have the information, resources and contacts you need to be a great land manager, neighbour and environmental steward.

Local Land Services offers tailored support, advice and opportunities for small farmers and lifestyle block owners, and also plays an important role in increasing awareness of your responsibilities in:

  • natural resource management
  • biosecurity management including weed and pest animal control
  • livestock and animal health
  • emergency management
  • other rural property ownership matters.

Every Bit Counts pilot program

Local Land Services engaged with small farm and lifestyle block owners through its ‘Every Bit Counts’ program, a three-year pilot program from July 2018 to June 2021. This program targeted stakeholders in the North Coast, Hunter, Greater Sydney and South East regions and was supported by funding from the NSW Environmental Trust.

Since the end of pilot program, Local Land Services has continued to engage with and offer tailored services, support and advice to small farm and lifestyle block owners in all 11 Local Land Services regions as part of its core business.

Local Land Services offers advice on profitable small farming and hobby farming.

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Get involved - the Blockies' Bootcamp newsletter

Curious about managing a small block or farm? Why not take an extra step and get involved with our program?

This simplest way is to sign up to our Blockies' Bootcamp – this free newsletter series for hobby farmers or new small landholders introduces you to land management fundamentals.

This publication is aimed at the small landholder whose primary source of income is not farming, but who is a land manager and stock animal owner. It offers tailored advice and information designed to help you manage animal health and biosecurity issues, play your part in controlling pests and weeds, and enhance your land through good environmental practices.

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