Mapping, assessments and approvals


The mapping of the proposed alignment along the NSW and South Australia border, and the NSW and Queensland border, has been completed, with local landholders and stakeholders providing valuable input around the finer details such as end points, waterways and how to manage rail and road crossings.  For the NSW/South Australian alignment, the extended fence will start south of Broughams Gate, approximately 110 km north of Broken Hill, and finish near the Murray River. For the NSW/Queensland alignment, the extended fence will start at Hungerford and finish at Mungindi.


The assessments that are required for this project are being carried out along a narrow corridor of the proposed fence alignment (including access tracks). The project team have engaged the services of three qualified consultants to carry out the assessments for biodiversity and Aboriginal cultural heritage along the proposed alignment, with the assessments for Aboriginal cultural heritage also involving Recognised Aboriginal Parties and local Traditional Owners. Desktop analysis and field assessments commenced in 2020 and are continuing in 2022.


The project is undertaking a phased approach to approvals and construction for the extended fence along the NSW and Queensland alignment. As approvals are received, construction will commence as work continues on the approvals for other sections of the build. Work is continuing on the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the NSW and South Australian alignment. The EIS will be lodged with the NSW Department of Planning and Environment and put on public exhibition for further comment. It is important to note that construction will not commence until the required assessments and approvals have been completed and received.

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