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Farm Force - Farm kids standing guard against bushfire, pests, drought and flood

The challenges farming families face when dealing with the impacts of bushfire, pests, drought and flood have an enormous effect on our rural communities. In these times it is our children who can feel like they are uninformed and unheard.

The ‘Farm Force’ program provides kids with a chance to have a voice. It will see the creation of a series of books addressing these issues that are written and illustrated by local kids, to be used as a resource for the local community.

We want rural kids to reflect on past experiences, learn about the importance of good bushfire preparedness and recognise how communities come together to support each other in times of crisis. This will make them a ‘force’ to be reckoned with as they are better equipped to help their families prepare for future events.

Please visit the Farm Force webpage to discover more on how to be involved.

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This program is supported by Hunter Local Land Services, Hunter Region Landcare Network and Mid Coast 2 Tops Landcare Connection.

For further information contact Daniel Trudgeon on or 0419436185.

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