How to manage your rabbit situation

Effective rabbit control involves using a variety of control measures across multiple properties. Landholders need to be prepared to undertake ongoing programs, across many years, to achieve a reduction in local rabbit populations.

Assessing your property

Start by identifying and mapping the location of rabbits and the extent of their impact on your property. Discuss with your neighbours your concerns and gauge rabbit impacts they are experiencing.

Things to look for:

  • fresh scats.
  • fresh scratching of the grass/soil
  • vegetation chewed to 40cm from the ground
  • burrowing or worn tracks leading under structures or piles of debris
  • warrens.

Set goals

Work with your neighbours to determine what resources (e.g. time, money and expertise) you have and what you want to achieve.

Prepare an action plan. Start with short term goals (for a 12-month program) and how you will continue an ongoing program to ensure rabbit numbers do not return to the original.

Working together

In discussion with your neighbours/community consider joining or starting formalised groups (i.e. Landcare or pest control associations).

Local Land Services will provide technical advice to any landholders, however will only assist in coordination of group control programs when there are five or more adjoining properties involved.

Where to find out more

To better understand pest management issues in your region, please read your Regional Strategic Pest Animal Management Plan.

For further information on the history of rabbits in Australia, impacts and guiding documents/templates for management please visit the PestSmart website.

Read more about 1080 pest control orders and related information on the Environmental Protection Authority website.

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