Farming Forecaster

Farming Forecaster brings pasture production, soil moisture, local weather, and livestock performance information to your fingertips.

Murray Local Land Services, Ag department will run an online webinar presentation on Farming Forecaster. This webinar will be presented by our guest speaker - Matthew Lieschke, Agricultural Advisor, Southeast Local Land Services, and will cover:

  • An Introduction to Farming Forecaster – what is it and how do I access the information?
  • How to read and interpret the information on the website
  • Pasture forecast – how the pasture forecast is generated and decision-making
  • Looking ahead - what can I expect to see in the paddock in the next 4 months?

15 Jun 2023 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm


Esther Fasoyin,
Land Services Officer Mixed Farming Systems
0400 547 132

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