How can I access information?

Step 1: Look for the information on the website

Local Land Services publishes a large volume of material on its website. We try to release as much information as possible, either free of charge or at a reasonable cost. Under the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (GIPA), certain information is legally required to be made available to the public. This is called 'open access information.’

If you can’t find the information you are looking for on our website, you can make a request.

Step 2: Make an informal request

If the information you’re after is not sensitive and in the public interest, then Local Land Services may release it to you without a formal application. Please contact us to make an informal request.

Under GIPA however, government agencies are not required to release information without an access application. The department reserves the right to require you to lodge an access application.

Step 3: Make a formal access application

If the information you’re seeking is not available on our website, and isn’t otherwise routinely provided by the department on request, then you have a right to formally apply for access to specific information.

You can make a formal written application to:

Local Land Services
PO Box 1048
Dubbo NSW 2830

The Act says that we may only accept access applications that:

  1. Are in writing and sent to us at the address above.
  2. Clearly state that you’re requesting information under the GIPA Act 2009 (NSW).
  3. Enclose the $30 application fee (cheques and money orders should be made payable to Local Land Services).
  4. Include a return Australian postal address.
  5. Include as much specific information as necessary to help us to find the information you’re asking for.

If your application does not include these five things, it will not be processed. If that happens, however, we will let you know and we will help you, if possible, by explaining how you can make a valid application.

We will write to acknowledge receipt of a valid access application within five working days, and will deal with your application within 20 working days (subject to any extension allowed for under the Act). If any time extension is required, we will let you know in writing.

Application fees and processing charges

Access requests are $30 and a processing fee of $30 per hour may be incurred. In some situations, we will ask for an advance deposit. We will let you know in writing if that applies to your application.

Certain discounts may apply, including on financial hardship and public interest grounds. For more details, please visit the Information and Privacy Commission NSW website.

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