Access application

If you haven’t been able to get the information you need in any other way, then you have a right to formally request specific information from us by submitting a formal GIPA access application.

Application fee and processing charges

The application fee for making an access application is $30.

Processing charges can also be imposed at the rate of $30 per hour, and an advance deposit may be required. We'll let you know in writing if that applies to your application.

Certain discounts may apply, including on financial hardship and public interest grounds. For more details visit the Information and Privacy Commission website.

How to make a formal access application

To make a formal access application you'll need to download and complete an Access Application form PDF, 1558.19 KB.

You can email the completed form to Our Risk & Assurance team will contact you with details of how to pay the application fee by credit card.

Alternatively, you can post the completed form to us with a cheque or money order (made payable to Local Land Services) at the following address:

Local Land Services 
Risk and Assurance Unit
PO Box 110 

The GIPA Act states that we're only able to accept access applications that:

  1. Are in writing and sent via the means outlined above
  2. Clearly state the request for information is under the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009
  3. Include payment of the $30 application fee
  4. Contain the name of the applicant and an address for correspondence
  5. Include as much detail as necessary to enable us to identify the information you are seeking.

If your application does not address these five points, it will be considered invalid and we'll contact you to help you make the application valid.

We'll acknowledge receipt of your application within five working days and process a valid application within 20 working days (subject to any extensions allowed under the GIPA Act). If any extension of time is required to deal with your application, we'll let you know in writing.

Internal reviews under the GIPA Act

If you disagree with an agency decision about an access application, you may be able to apply for an internal review of that decision.

More information on internal reviews can be found here on the Information and Privacy Commission’s website, Fact Sheet - Internal Reviews under the GIPA Act (

To apply for an internal review please complete the Internal Review Application Form PDF, 80.47 KB. Once complete you can email to, or post using the postal details above.

Information that's not available in response to an access application

Although an access application may be made for all government information held by us, we won't be able to release information if there's an overriding public interest against its disclosure.

In addition, the GIPA Act doesn't allow the release of some document types, such as:

  • Cabinet information
  • Executive Council information
  • Documents that are subject to parliamentary privilege
  • Documents that are subject to legal professional privilege.

For more details about information that may not be disclosed, please contact us at

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