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New code paves the way for landowners to get on with the business of farming

Landowners across NSW have been provided with certainty to get on with the business of farming, following the re-making of the Land Management (Native Vegetation) Code today.

It follows the identification of a procedural defect in the making of the previous Code in August 2017.

“The re-made Code is identical to the previous one and is an integral part of the new land management framework which gives landowners the tools and certainty they need,” said David Witherdin, Chief Executive Officer of Local Land Services.

“The Code fulfils the recommendations of the Independent Biodiversity Legislation Review Panel and is the result of comprehensive public engagement involving more than 1000 stakeholders,” said Mr Witherdin.

“The Code delivers the right balance that supports a productive agricultural sector and a healthy environment,” he said.

Landowners now have the certainty to manage native vegetation on their land in accordance with the re-made Code and LLS is on hand to assist with advice and resources.

Landowners with certificates already issued should continue to comply with the conditions of those certificates.

The Office of Environment and Heritage will not take compliance action against landholders who have acted in accordance with the 2017 Code, providing landholders have complied with the conditions on their certificates and clearing is consistent with the notifications and certificates issued under the Code.

“LLS is open for business and working hard to ensure landowners across NSW are supported to make the best possible land management choices for their situation,” Mr Witherdin said.


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