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MoU to strengthen links between Local Land Services and Landcare NSW

Local Land Services and Landcare NSW today entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that will strengthen the partnership between the two organisations for the benefit of communities and landscapes throughout NSW.

Mr Blair said the goal of the MoU was to establish a foundation for collaboration on a broad range of natural resource management and farm productivity issues, as well as aspects of biosecurity and emergency management.

"The NSW Government is committed to improved management of our natural environment

and to work closely with the Landcare movement to build community capacity and resilience," he said.

"This MoU signals a stronger government and community partnership that will allow flexibility for each region to recognise the unique attributes of the local environment and to incorporate the desires of the local people.

"Landcare groups, whether in rural, regional or urban areas, provide a valuable focus for

natural resource management, but also for social networking.

"They are built from a volunteer base and we know that these kinds of volunteer organisations are the fabric of our society, particularly in remote and rural NSW.

The MoU was signed today by Acting Chair of the Local Land Services Board of Chairs, Alex Anthony and Chair of Landcare NSW, Rob Dulhunty.

Ms Anthony said the MoU would provide a framework for a productive partnership that builds the capacity of both Landcare NSW and Local Land Services, while continuing to allow local communities to take the lead.

"The structure of Local Land Services ensures we have local people making local decisions and this MoU reinforces that concept, providing centralised support and allowing the volunteer effort to continue with appropriate resources."

Mr Dulhunty said the MoU recognises the benefits and opportunities of a government/community partnership and its effectiveness will be dependent upon its implementation. 

"The MoU states that enabling a central role for community is critical to achieving successful outcomes in NRM and sustainable agriculture," he said.  

"This MoU puts us onto an equal footing with our government partners, providing a framework for us to share responsibility, co-invest and apply our complementary strengths."

The signing of the MoU follows the announcement yesterday by Mr Niall Blair of a $15 million Landcare Support Program over the next four years.

The program will see up to 60 part-time Landcare coordinators engaged to work with communities throughout NSW, as well as the establishment of a Landcare Future Fund and Community of Practice to provide centralised training and support.

Rob Dulhunty and Alex Anthony signing the LLS and Landcare MoU 

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