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Landholder stories

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Our team is here on the ground when it matters, with knowledge, networks and experience. We connect our customers with the best service,

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Hugh Taylor - Coonamble, Central West region

When Hugh woke to find he had lost 12 sheep overnight, he immediately contacted Local Land Services to speak to a district veterinarian. Local Land Services vets are here to help you make the best decisions on farm, especially during drought.

Barry and Annette Turner, White Cliffs, Western region

The Turners have seen the crippling effects the drought is having on their land. With only two storms in two years, the land has suffered. With the help of Local Land Services, the Turner's have implemented contour banks on their property "Polpah" which will improve water infiltration and reduce the risk of erosion when the storms arrives.

Working on Country, North Coast region

An area of Aboriginal owned land near Mylestom, NSW has undergone restoration to protect endangered native fauna including Kangaroo grass. Popular parts of the national park were also restored for increased foot traffic of hikers and tourists. Local Land Services has worked in partnership with the Local District Aboriginal Lands Council to protect this beautiful piece of land and allow  Aboriginal youth to work on country.