Landholders having success stopping the spread of weeds

Landholders in the Western region have once again worked closely with Western Local Land Services to improve and sustain the condition of close to 25,000 hectares of natural resources through the control of invasive weed species, specifically African Boxthorn.

After running a successful expression of interest process for the 2021-22 Western Weed Management Program, 28 landholders were contracted to carry out control works for African Boxthorn, mesquite and cactus.

With African Boxthorn out competing the native understory and altering the structure of the vegetation community, as well as being a haven for pest animals such as foxes and rabbits, the control works were carried out in targeted areas to help protect Plains-wanderer habitat and Coolibah Black-Box Threatened Ecological Communities.

Senior Land Services Officer, Andrea Cashmere is pleased with the results and effort shown by landholders to complete the works given the unseasonal conditions.

“This is the fourth year we have offered weed funding, so we are really starting to see a  change in the landscape in some areas and have an impact on weed populations,” Ms Cashmere said.

“This year we have again funded the removal of African boxthorn in Coolibah Black Box Threatened Ecological Community. Close to 4,000 ha of land, mainly around Euabalong had initial treatment of boxthorn completed this year.  

“Once again it indicates that most landholders are committed to improving their natural resource assets and recognise the importance of having healthy, profitable and sustainable ecosystems on their properties.”

Western Local Land Services will be calling for Expressions of Interest in the next round of the Weed Management Program (2022-23) in the next month or so, which it will promote widely during the expression of interest process.

Landholders or groups looking for further information on this program, or weeds management throughout the Western region, can contact Ms Cashmere on 0417 050 138 or  

This program is supported by Western Local Land Services through funding from the Australian Government.  

Media contact: Charlie Whiteley, Local Land Services, 0428 679 974.

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