​​Welcome to South East Local Land Services new Chair and board member​

South East Local Land Services is this month welcoming its new Chair and board member to help shape the strategic direction of the organisation in the region.

Fay Steward has been confirmed as the new Board Chair after acting in the position recently.

Fay’s early career in rural and regional town planning focused primarily on developing strategic land use policy and strategy for various NSW Government land planning and management agencies.

Fay has worked successfully with many community based organisations to establish co-operative agreements to manage parks and reserves with intrinsic natural and cultural values. Fay was appointed to the South East Local Land Services Board in 2019.

Our new board member is Mila Bristow. Mila is the General Manager, Partnerships and Innovation at Plant Health Australia (PHA) based in Canberra, ACT. She has a background in forest and agriculture sciences, agribusiness innovation, and natural resource management.

Mila has an MBA and is a recent AICD graduate. She has over 25 years’ experience as a plant scientist and manager, with more than six years executive leadership experience.

Mila has experience with advisory panel and steering committee roles and has held senior and executive roles in Australia’s agri-innovation system in state and territory governments, universities, research development corporations and not-for-profits.

The South East Board also welcomes the reappointment of Bunja Smith.

Local Land Services Chair Allison Harker says board succession is an important part of our strategic commitment to growing Local Land Services.

“Local Land Services boards support our on-ground work focused on securing the long-term sustainability of our natural resources and agricultural industries in NSW,” said Allison.

“I congratulate Fay on her leadership of the board during her acting period, and now welcome her as our ongoing Chair for South East Local Land Services Board, I know they are in great hands with Fay!”

Local Land Services boards are made up of a mix of ministerially appointed and elected members, with staggered terms to ensure consistent ongoing leadership is provided to the organisation.

To find out more about the role of local boards or how you can get to know your Local Land Services team, visit Our Boards page.

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