Help save our scarlet robin

June 2020

Andy Taylor, Senior Land Services officer, Palerang and Damon Oliver, Threatened Species officer, NSW DPIE

After such a devastating summer of fires across the South East of NSW and the ongoing drought since 2016, many of our beautiful and threatened woodland birds including the scarlet robin are doing it tough.

The Save Our Scarlet Robin project has been running for three years and has funded many land managers across the South East to protect and replant habitat for the birds. Surveys at the sites have shown that scarlet robin and other small birds use these habitat areas on farms which brings a lot of pride to land managers. But after what has been one of the worst fire seasons ever, there are concerns that the numbers of small woodland birds has declined dramatically.

Early indications suggest that the number of scarlet robins that usually arrive on properties in the South East and around urban parks in Canberra are much lower than this time last year. Being a very colourful and recognisable species, the Save Our Scarlet Robin project group, would love to hear from the community about any sightings they have of the robins in 2020, including how many birds were seen.

Now, more than ever, the protection and enhancement of native vegetation on properties and in regional areas that were not burnt in the fires will help save the scarlet robins and many other native flora and fauna.

To find out more about the Save Our Scarlet Robin project, contact Andy Taylor via email or on 0427 750 891. You can find out more about the scarlet robin here.

Scarlet robin Dean Ingwerson Revegetation work

The scarlet robin (photo Dean Ingwerson)           Revegetation works underway to provide habitat for birds and other flora and fauna.

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