Monaro rehabilitation projects

Riparian rehabilitation project

South East Local Land Services is offering incentives of up to $15,000 to land managers for projects that protect and rehabilitate riparian sites in the Snowy Monaro Regional local government area.

Riparian protection projects

Riparian corridor

Riparian protection projects assist land managers to manage their riparian areas in a way that improves water quality and promotes healthy, biodiverse, and productive systems. These projects involve the creation of buffers along rivers, creeks, permanent and non-permanent waterways through the construction of fences and the establishment of native vegetation.

Protected riparian zones will help prevent localized erosion, reduce sediment and nutrient runoff into watercourses helping to maintain healthy and resilient riparian ecosystems. Production benefits such as reduced parasite load, provision of shelter and improved water quality can also be achieved through well-planned projects.

Assistance can be provided for the cost of fencing materials, native plants, and alternate water sources.

Gully rehabilitation projects

Gully rehabiltiation in practice

Erosion gully rehabilitation projects assist land managers to protect areas with minor-moderate erosion gullies by fencing the area and accelerate the regeneration process by planting native tree and shrub species and increasing ground cover.

Rehabilitated gullies will help prevent ongoing erosion and reduce sediment reaching our waterways. They will also provide habitat links across the landscape, increase biodiversity, can provide shade and shelter benefits for livestock.

Assistance can be provided for the cost of fencing materials and native plants. Funding will not be provided for earthworks. If earthworks are required then these will need to be funded wholly by the land manager.

Project Eligibility

For a project to be eligible any new fencing will need to be constructed on average 20m from the top of the bank or erosion gully and native trees and shrubs will need to be established where absent. Stock will need to be excluded from the area to allow native vegetation to establish or regenerate naturally, after which the area will need to be managed sustainably with ongoing pest and weed control and grazing management. Landholders will be expected to enter into an agreement with Local Land Services to maintain the works for a period of 10 years.

Activities supported

Financial assistance may be provided for:

  • standard fencing materials
  • native plant tubestock and planting accessories
  • contributions towards alternative stock water systems.

Financial assistance will not be provided for:

  • boundary fences
  • erosion control earthworks
  • pest animal control
  • weed control

Fencing work

How to apply

Complete the online expression of interest (EOI) form for Monaro Rehabilitation Grants.

Applications close 1 October 2022.

What happens next?

Once EOIs have been received and processed a Local Land Services staff member will call you to arrange a site visit. Project proposals will be developed in consultation with South East Local Land Services staff.

Final project proposals will be submitted to an assessment panel and reviewed against eligibility criteria and funding priorities.

More information

If you would like more information on the project, eligibility criteria, application process or require assistance completing the EOI please contact Jack McGrath on 0428 718 500 or 02 6455 7230.

Monaro office
1-3 Sharp St Cooma NSW 2630
PO Box 26 Cooma NSW 2630
Phone: 02 6455 7200.

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