Pest Animal Management 2021

Riverina Local Land Services has Biosecurity Officers across the region that are available to assist and advise landholders to control pest species on their property.

We also sell baits to ratepayers and can advise you on purchasing baits (such as meat, carrots and grain) depending on your needs, and can assist with Vertebrate Pesticide Induction Training.

For general information about our role in pest animal management, click here.

Fox and Wild Dog Bait Collection

Every year Riverina Local Land Services locks in local bait collection points to allow landholders to order and pick up baits at a location convenient to them.

Click here to view the 2021 booklet with full details.

It's important to note, all land managers have a General Biosecurity Duty under the NSW Biosecurity Act 2015. This duty requires that anyone who knows or ought to reasonably know about a biosecurity risk has a duty to prevent, eliminate or minimise that risk as far as reasonably practicable. It is important to note, as a land manager you also have biosecurity obligations to your neighbours. Riverina land managers should refer to the Working towards your General Biosecurity guide or speak to your local Biosecurity Officer.

To order baits, contact your closest Biosecurity Officer (listed above each location).

Local bait collection points

Griffith and surrounds: Contact Biosecurity Officer Ron Kocaj (0427 262 225) or Eliza Bramma (0447 531 080)

Monday 22 February9am -10amHillston LLS Office 180 High St Hillston
Friday 26 February7.30am -9amGriffith Saleyards - Griffin Avenue
Tuesday 2 March 9am -10amGriffith LLS Office 200 Murray Rd Hanwood
Friday 5 March7.30am - 9amGriffith Saleyards - Griffin Avenue
Wednesday 10 March9am - 10amMurrami Silos
Friday 12 March7.30am - 9amGriffith Saleyards - Griffin Avenue
Thursday 18 March9am - 10amRankins Springs Memorial Hall
Friday 26 March7.30am - 9amGriffith Saleyards - Griffin Avenue
Friday 9 April7.30am - 9amGriffith Saleyards - Griffin Avenue
Friday 16 April7.30am -9amGriffith Saleyards - Griffin Avenue
Friday 6 August7.30am -9amGriffith Saleyards - Griffin Avenue
Wednesday 11 August 9am -10amHillston LLS Office 180 High St Hillston
Friday 13 August7.30am -9amGriffith Saleyards - Griffin Avenue
Friday 27 August7.30am - 9amGriffith Saleyards - Griffin Avenue
Wednesday 1 September9.00am - 10am"Pt Acres", Pulletop Road, Yenda

Gundagai and surrounds: Contact Biosecurity Officer Richard Lloyd (0427 012 739) or Biosecurity Officer Peter Fitzpatrick (0428 534 619)

Date TimePlace
Tuesday 23 February 8:30am Gundagai Local Land Services Office, 87 Sheridan Street, Gundagai
Thursday 25 March 8.30am‘Bongongo’, Adjungbilly Road, Adjungbilly 
Thursday 4 March  8.30amBongongo', Adjungbilly Road, Adjungbilly
Tuesday 9 March 9am‘Springfield’, Cootamundra
Tuesday 9 March 10am‘Springvale’, Dudauman Road, Cootamundra
Tuesday 9 March 11am‘Dinya’, Berthong Road, Cootamundra
Wednesday 10 March 9amIllabo Pub, Illabo
Thursday 11 March 8.30am‘Bongongo’, Adjungbilly Road, Adjungbilly
Monday 15 March 9amBethungra Rural Fire Service Shed
Tuesday 16 March 8.30amGundagai Local Land Services Office, 87 Sheridan Street, Gundagai
Thursday 18 March 9amWantabadgery Hall, Wantabadgery
Tuesday 30 March 10amGilmore Hall
Tuesday 30 March 10amLacmalac Hall
Wednesday 31 March 10amCorner Snowy Mountains Highway & Ellerslie Road
Thursday 1 April 10amHumula Hall, Humula
Tuesday 6 April 8.30amGundagai Local Land Services Office, 87 Sheridan Street, Gundagai
Thursday 29 July 8.30amBongongo', Adjungbilly Road, Adjungbilly
Tuesday 3 August 10amNundi', Westbrook Road, Tarcutta
Thursday 5 August 10amGilmore Hall
Thursday 5 August11amLacmalac Hall
Tuesday 10 August 10amHumula Hall, Humula
Wednesday 11 August8.30amGundagai Local Land Services Office, 87 Sheridan Street, Gundagai

Hay and surrounds: Contact Biosecurity Officer Suzie Holbery (0427 592 322)

Wednesday 10 March 10amCorner of Glencoe Rd and Jerilderie Rd
Wednesday 24 March12pmCorner of Romani Rd and Sturt Hwy
Thursday 25 March 9:30amLocal Land Services depot, Sidonia Rd
Thursday 25 March 12pmWaymea/Darcoola turnoff, Maude Rd
Tuesday 30 March 10amOne Tree Hotel, Cobb Hwy
Tuesday 30 March12pmBooligal Hotel
Wednesday 31 March11amWongalea Rd, Mid Western Hwy
Wednesday 31 March12amGunbar Memorial Church, Mid Western Hwy
Thursday 2 September9:30amLocal Land Services depot, Sidonia Rd
Thursday 9 September 9:30amLocal Land Services depot, Sidonia Rd

Young and surrounds: Contact Biosecurity Officer Michael Hayes (0427 201 177) or Tom Hamilton (0427 201 172)

Tuesday 23 February 10amWest Wyalong Lions ParkTom Hamilton
Thursday 25 February 11amUngarie Bowling clubTom Hamilton
Tuesday 2 March  10amAriah Park Fire ShedTom Hamilton
Thursday 4 March 9amTubbul Fire ShedMichael Hayes
Thursday 4 March12pmThuddungra HallMichael Hayes
Thursday 4 March9amBarmedman PoolTom Hamilton
Thursday 4 March11amAlleena SilosTom Hamilton
Tuesday 9 March9amEulie turn off Jugiong rdMichael Hayes
Tuesday 9 March11amHillside shed HardenMichael Hayes
Thursday 11 March9amWestbourne ShedMichael Hayes
Thursday 11 March 11amBethune McMahons ReefMichael Hayes
Thursday 11 March10amTrungley HallTom Hamilton
Tuesday 16 March 9amBellrye BarwangMichael Hayes
Tuesday 16 March11amBurrowa Flats GalongMichael Hayes
Tuesday 16 March10amBlow Clear (Corner of Blow Clear and Wamboyne RDSTom Hamilton
Thursday 18 March9amRoseville Shed KingsvaleMichael Hayes
Thursday 18 March10amWest Wyalong Lions ParkTom Hamilton
Friday 19 March 10amRosebank GroganTom Hamilton
Tuesday 23 March 9amScenic Rd CrowtherMichael Hayes
Tuesday 23 March 11amCloverleigh Karoopa LaneMichael Hayes
Thursday 25 March 9amMurringo HallMichael Hayes
Thursday 25 March11amSummerhill WambanumbaMichael Hayes

Narrandera and surrounds: Contact Biosecurity Officer Reg Eade (0427 455 686) or Isaac Bunge (0419 581 649)

Thursday 25 February 9amCorobimilla Fire Shed
Thursday 4 March 10amRankin Springs Park
Thursday 4 March12pmErigolia Silos
Tuesday 9 March 9amGrong Grong Sports Club
Thursday 11 March 9amWeethalle Park
Thursday 18 March 9amGaroolgan Silos
Thursday 18 March11amBarellan Saleyards
Tuesday 23 March 9amNarrandera Local Land Services Depot Barellan Road, Narrandera
Thursday 25 March 9amYanco Silos
Tuesday 30 March 9amSandigo Truck Stop
Tuesday 30 March12pmColeambally Park
Thursday 1 April 9amNarrandera Local Land Services Depot Barellan Road, Narrandera
Tuesday 3 August 9amSandigo Truck Stop
Tuesday 3 August 11amCorobimilla Fire Shed
Thursday 5 August 9amGrong Grong Sports Club
Thursday 5 August 11amNarrandera Local Land Services Depot Barellan Road, Narrandera
Tuesday 10 August 9amWeethalle Park
Tuesday 10 August 11amErigolia Silos
Tuesday 10 August 1pmRankin Springs Park
Thursday 12 August 9amGaroolgan Silos
Thursday 12 August 11amBarellan Saleyards
Tuesday 17 August 9amYanco Silos
Tuesday 17 August 12pmColeambally Park
Thursday 19 August 10amNarrandera Local Land Services Depot Barellan Road, Narrandera

Wagga and surrounds: Contact Biosecurity Officer Mark Luff (0427 481 819) or Tom Schlunke (0447 145 344)

Tuesday 16 February 10am - 11am"Murrulebale",  Murrulebale RFS Shed (Local Contact: Tony Drum)
Friday 19 February 10am - 11am"Pulletop" ,Pulletop RFS Shed (Local Contact: Garry Anderson)
Monday 1 March 11am - 12pm"The Gap", The Gap/Millwood Rd hayshed (Local Contact: Malcolm McKenzie)
Monday 1 March 12.30am - 1pm"Millwood", Cnr Millwood Rd & Boundary Lane
Tuesday 2 March 11am - 12pm"Collingullie", Ross Jolliffe shed (Local Contact: Keith Jolliffe)
Tuesday 2 March 1.30pm - 2.30pm"Galore", Galore Hall (Local Contact: Ross Mackenzie)
Wednesday 3 March 10.30am - 11.30am"Galore Hill", John Schirmer's shed (Local Contact: John Schirmer)
Wednesday 3 March 1pm - 2pm"Osborne", Osborne Football Ground
Thursday 4 March 4pm - 5pm"Eunony", Eunony RFS shed (Local Contact: Bill Schulz)
Friday 5 March10am - 11am"Keajura", Keajura RFS shed (Local Contact: David Maclure)
Friday 5 March11.30am - 12.30pm"Kyeamba", Kyeamba RFS shed (Local Contact: James Conway)
Wednesday 10 March 11am - 12pm"Methul", Methul Hall (Local Contact: Patrick O'Brien)
Wednesday 10 March 1pm - 2pm"Bectric", Bectric RFS shed 
Wednesday 10 March 2.30pm - 3pm"Walleroobie", Walleroobie Hall
Friday 12 March11am - 12pm"Combaning", Robert Oliver's shearing shed
Friday 12 March1pm - 1.30pm"Dirnaseer", Dirnaseer Hall
Tuesday 16 March 10.30am - 11am"Uranquinty", Uranquinty Rest Stop
Tuesday 16 March 11.30am - 12.30pm"French Park", French Park Tennis Courts
Tuesday 16 March 1pm - 2pm"The Rock", The Rock Football Ground
Wednesday 17 March11am - 12pm"Mangoplah", Mangoplah Hall (Local Contact: Nathan Stoll)
Wednesday 17 March1pm - 2pm"Yerong Creek", Stan Galvin Park
Friday 19 March 11am - 12pm"Glynburn", Corner Glynburn Rd & Burley Griffin Way (Local Contact: Chris Golder)
Tuesday 23 March11am - 11.30am"Borambola/Ladysmith", Corner Sturt Highway & Tumbarumba Road

Meeting Your General Biosecurity Duty: Vertebrate Pest Animals

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to meeting your biosecurity obligations as a landholder. You may or may not be aware that under the Biosecurity Act 2015, you must demonstrate that you are meeting your General Biosecurity Duty (GBD). That is, that you are taking reasonable steps to prevent, eliminate or minimise biosecurity risks on your property. But what does this mean when it comes to vertebrate pest animals? The uniqueness of each property means this is a very complicated topic to sum up, so we have put this guide together with Riverina landholders in mind. Inside you’ll find “farm scenarios” which are based on real data from properties within our region. Each scenario provides background on the property, summarises the current pest control the landholder is carrying out, and identifies some of the challenges they face. We have then included some advice as to how the landholder could further improve their pest control practices. This guide is merely a starting point for you as a landholder to consider whether or not you are meeting your General Biosecurity Duty. We hope it sheds some light on what can be a difficult topic to decipher, and inspires you to contact your closest Local Land Services to discuss your individual situation. In the same way that you may visit an accountant for tailored advice, we encourage you to get in touch with us so our team of Biosecurity Officers can assist you to understand what your role is and how you can ensure you’re meeting your obligations under the legislation.

Click here to download Meeting Your General Biosecurity Duty: Vertebrate Pest Animals.

Fox Dog Lotto

Fox Dog Lotto is an annual competition which promotes the extensive pest control landholders carry out and to show the wider community the importance of collaborative pest management.

To enter the competition, email to

*More information to come