Our Chair

Riverina Chair, Barney Hyams

Barney has more than 30 years of involvement with both agriculture and horticulture, from a jackaroo on the Liverpool Plains through to a managing director of a horticultural enterprise in the Riverina Highlands.

He was also an inaugural Ministerially-appointed member of the Riverina Local Land Services Board.

Barney has served as a Director of Summerfruit Australia and as a state representative for the Australian apple and pear industry.

He has served as a Director of the Batlow Fruit Cooperative, held several senior positions with the NSW Farmers Association and sat on local government committees.

He has a strong focus on innovation, strategic planning and first-hand experience in the development of audit committees to complement his extensive horticultural and director/committee experiences.

Barney is acutely aware of the challenges facing Australian agriculture as he lives it each day.  He has also worked in the thoroughbred industry, as an agronomist producing hybrid maize seed and as a domestic and international grain trader.

As a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, Barney understands that good corporate governance is crucial in any successful organisation.

Contact Barney: 0419 414215