Rescue of Riverina Native Birds’ Art project coming soon

The ‘Rescue of Riverina Native Birds’ Art project is a collaboration between Riverina Local Lands Services, South West Arts and Western Riverina Arts. The project will soon be coming to the region for exhibition and aims to raise awareness of several endangered birds that call our region home- the Plains-wanderer, Australasian Bittern and Malleefowl.

The project involves bringing a number of local artists together to depict the birds and their environments in various art forms. An exhibition will be touring many locations throughout the region extending from Forbes to Balranald, and will commence in May.

Samantha Davies from Hay was involved in a previous art exhibition in the area which showcased the plight of the Plains-wanderer. Her piece of art from this exhibition was named ‘Now you see me…..?’, and depicted the female Plains- wanderer.

Samantha’s description of her piece of art titled ‘Now you see me….?’ reads:

‘The most recognisable and beautiful of the two sexes, the female Plains-wanderer is presented here walking carefully across a moonlit field of grasses and yellow- buttons, with lichen softly covering the clay pan Hay plains. In creating this work, I wished to provide the viewer with a detailed image of the female and an insight into its environment and behaviours. The title I have chosen asks the viewer to think about what future this critically endangered bird may have and invites the viewer to think about actions they may take to ensure that the answer to the question is not ‘…. Now you don’t’.’

Samantha lives in the Hay region on a family-owned farming and grazing property. She balances her time between family-life, helping on the property and working part-time in schools. Passionate about the Australian environment, particularly the outback, Sam draws realism works of Australian fora and fauna using graphite and coloured pencils.

For further information and to view exhibition location and dates, please visit the South West Arts website

This project and exhibition is supported Riverina Local Land Services, through funding from the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program.

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