Sticky Nightshade found in Northern Tablelands

The Northern Tablelands Regional Weed Committee is urging people to be on the lookout for the weed Sticky Nightshade after it was discovered in the region.

New incursions of Sticky Nightshade (Solanum sisymbriifolium) were reported on roadsides around Guyra and Uralla and the weed committee are urging vigilance to ensure the invasive plant does not establish in the region.

Northern Tablelands Local Land Services Regional Weed Coordinator Beth Brown said Sticky Nightshade is a highly invasive plant that competes with crops, pastures and native plants.

“We suspect at this stage given the weed has been spotted on roadsides it has been transported by a vehicle travelling through the area so are encouraging people to keep an eye out and contact their local weed control authority if they think they may have it,” Ms Brown said.

Sticky Nightshade is a shrub which grows up to 1.5 metres high, covered in sharp prickles.

It has sticky leaves, white or pale bluish-purple flowers and red fruit.

“Sticky Nightshade can grow in a variety of soils and environments and given it has proven difficult to manage in the Central Tablelands region we want to make sure it doesn’t establish here.

“Early detection and control in our communities will give us the best chance of eradicating this species and avoiding the high cost of controlling this weed if it gets away.”

Sticky Nightshade can spread by seed or parts of the plant and can be spread by birds and foxes eating the seed as well as movement of the fruit through wind, water, slashers, contaminated soil or fodder.

Local weed control authorities include Inverell Shire Council, Tenterfield Shire Council or the New England Weeds Authority.

Further information on Sticky Nightshade can be found on the NSW Weedwise website or app

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