Resilient Regional Agriculture

This project aims to increase the capacity of agricultural systems in the region to adapt to significant changes in climate and market demands. North West Local Land Services will partner with the Regional Agriculture Landcare Facilitators via Tamworth Regional Landcare and Northern Slopes Landcare to develop and empower local landholder groups through a series of workshops and group development activities to improve knowledge and awareness.

Resilient Regional Agriculture workshops

The workshops and activities will focus on farm biophysical, production and financial benchmarking tools and technology, understanding market traceability and provenance, managing climate risks, and understanding current and emerging market demands. These activities will improve the resilience of farmers in the region to changing market demands and climate.

This project commenced in July 2018 and will conclude in June 2023 and is funded by the Australian Government’s National Landcare Program.

Project contact: George Truman 0427 505 040