Check, Ready, Grow

This project will invest in soil management activities that will contribute to cumulative landscape benefits. These benefits include the mitigation of acidification, sodicity and soil loss through erosion management. Project activities will encourage soil formation and nutrient cycling for stable landscapes, contributing to the rehabilitation of soils to support provision of ecosystem services. Activities will target prioritised mixed farming areas where land is used outside capability. This includes land use practices degrading soil condition particularly in low and moderate capability scored land still under cropping and poor grazing management regimes.

Activities will encourage adoption of best management practices resulting in the rehabilitation of soils and improved soil condition across the region to support sustainable use of the natural asset.

The program is a three-stage delivery process across 12 months:

  1. Check-In: engage participants in prioritised areas to complete guided self-assessment of natural asset best management practice to identify current status, identify gaps with best practice and necessary management changes and skills development to assist to meet best practice. Work with participants to set goals and identify a path to build capacity and consolidate on ground change to achieve sustainable use land and soil management goals.
  2. Create Capacity: participants encouraged to develop skills through training and webinars and mentoring sessions aligned to goals identified during check-in.
  3. Consolidate Change: incentives directed on ground through co-investment with landholders and groups to improve land and catchment management practices to protect soil for improved soil health, soil condition, groundcover, erosion mitigation and catchment hydrology.

Check, Ready, Grow will contribute to enhance resilience against climatic fluctuations, mitigate the rate of land degradation and build capacity to deliver ecosystem services. Improved capacity and increased adoption of land management actions for sustainable use will address and improve soil health, condition and groundcover, and mitigate erosion and Improved water cycling. Program outcomes will be monitored through an evaluation comprising of a project story and self-assessments undertaken by participants during the check-in stage. These will be revisited at the completion of the program to ascertain contributions made towards outcome achievement.

This project commenced in July 2020 and will conclude in June 2021.

Project contact: Keith Walker 0428 432 784