Free grain for pig control programs

While even more rain would be welcome across the North West, the dry conditions have provided landholders with the perfect opportunity to take the front foot with feral pig control.

Surface water in many areas is still limited, and as the high summer temperatures continue, pigs are congregating near remaining water sources.

Bec Gray, Invasive Species Team Leader with North West Local Land Services, said pigs are relatively heat intolerant.

"Feral pigs lack effective sweat glands, and this means they need access to water on hot days to wallow and keep cool. Taking advantage of this fact and targeting your control program near water is a great way to control feral pig populations," said Ms Gray.

"By providing a feed source close to water and free feeding with grain, trapping and baiting programs can be effective in reducing feral pig numbers during drought conditions."

"Working with your neighbours is the best way to coordinate control activities and maximise results for your local area," she added.

North West Local Land Services currently have free grain available through the summer period in the North West for pig trapping and baiting programs.

"Last year the same free grain offer was offered during the winter months, and participating landholders had great success in reducing pig numbers," said Ms Gray.

"We are continuing the program to reduce the population across the region further, helping prevent impacts on production and wildlife."

The offer of free grain is open to all North West ratepayers throughout summer or while grain supply lasts.

To find out more about baiting, trapping or how to start a feral pig control group, contact your Local Land Services office and ask for the biosecurity team on 1300 795 299.

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