Field day for pasture recovery and livestock health

Now that some areas across the region have received rain, it’s a good time to plan for pasture recovery and livestock health.

We're working with NSW Department of Primary Industries to host a field day on Tuesday 18 February at Tamworth Agricultural Institute at 9am.

You'll get to see on-site research trials on Lucerne and Digit grass sowing densities and how the pastures have responded to the rain. We'll also cover topics such as measuring the soil water profile, what to sow for feed and groundcover, pasture response and management, and possible livestock health impacts of fresh growth.

There are some important management decisions to be made now and we’re here to assist landholders to get the best out of their pastures and livestock for the future.

For catering purposes, please RSVP to George Truman 0427 505 040 or

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