Our chair

North Coast Chair, Robert Smith

Bob is an experienced manager and adviser in the sustainable management, protection and profitable use of natural resources to support livelihoods and wellbeing in communities.

He has held a number of senior roles in government agencies, working at national, state and local levels, and has applied his skills to improving the livelihood of communities in Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands and indigenous communities in Northern Australia.

Bob is currently a board member with Greening Australia, Director of First Super Pty Ltd, Director of Leafcarbon Pty Ltd, and is an Acting Commissioner of NSW Land and Environment Court.  Bob was also Director General, NSW Department of Land and Water Conservation.

Bob has a focus on the delivery of sustainable management and use of natural resources and the opportunities being generated for communities by moving to benefit from participation in markets for the products they produce.

He has specialist expertise in evaluating and integrating the production and market opportunities for communities involved in management and sustainable use of natural resources and associated environmental services covering forests and forest industries, bioenergy, agriculture, water, biodiversity, infrastructure and tourism.

Bob has extensive experience in the management and evaluation of community businesses and the interactions of government, private sector and community. He has worked at international (including participation as non-government representative in UNFCCC forums), national (including ministerial councils for forestry, natural resources and agriculture and the Murray Darling Basin Commission), state and regional levels in evaluating, developing and delivering natural resource programs.

In the past decade, Bob has used his experience and skills as a director on a diversity of boards, including chairing board committees for stakeholder engagement, audit and compliance, marketing and business development.

Contact Bob: 0418 648 228