Local Strategic Plan

North Coast Local Land Services has developed a roadmap to ensure that it is meeting its mission of improving primary production and better management of natural resources across the North Coast region - the North Coast Local Strategic Plan.

North Coast Local Land Services is one of eleven regions spread across the state and the organisation is built on foundations of local strategy and local service delivery. The organisation is committed to a local approach and has an experienced team who are genuinely committed to providing services tailored to the needs of our local agricultural industries, communities and natural systems.

The North Coast region is the third most biodiverse region in Australia which also supports a progressive, diverse and engaged community and a mix of agricultural industries.

The North Coast region is unquestionably the most agriculturally and environmentally diverse in the state and the organisation is presented with the challenge of delivering quality services to a broad audience in an effective and efficient manner.

Discover how we aim to help secure the future of farming and the environment for NSW communities by viewing our Plan on a Page.